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H3Africa Biorepository

Introducing the Joint H3Africa Biorepository Website

Our New Internet Home! H3Africa Biorepository program is very grateful to announce their brand new website, our new global home. Whether you are a potential client, a researcher, a partner, etc, we hope you will find it easy to navigate and that you...

IHVN H3Africa Biorepository (I-HAB)

In partnership with the Corielle Institute for Biomedical Research in the US, the Institute of Human Virology H3Africa Biorepository (I-HAB) upgraded its repository practices and infrastructure to meet international standard to receive, store, and distribute biological research...

Integrated Biorepository of H3Africa in Uganda (IBRH3AU)

H3Africa Biorepository Program
The ultimate goal of this project is to develop a state-of-the-art world class biorepository of well annotated stored biospecimens widely available to the H3Africa Consortium, African and International researchers for genomic discovery projects. The information obtained from the...

Clinical Laboratory Services (CLS)

Clinical Laboratory Services (a Division of the Wits Health Consortium) in Johannesburg South Africa aims to support the H3Africa project that will study diseases in African populations to gain a better understanding of factors that affect heath and diseases. CLS will do this by...